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    Glue gun ,Adhesive glue , fabric glue, and glue stocks are Widely used for assembly / repair / fastening / bonding most types of materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, paper, leather, cloth , Toys, furniture at home, office, factory etc. Good heating system to ensure high power and quick heating, high glue output and fast melting.

    11 products
    B-Adhesive Glue | 110ml
    Rs. 80.00
    Stickfast Adhesive Glue | 1Pcs
    Rs. 30.00
    Hot Gun Glue Sticks | Length 9inch | 5 pcs
    from Rs. 60.00
    Glue Gun for Crafting | Size (Small Gun)
    Rs. 160.00
    Fabric Glue
    Rs. 18.00
    Sold Out
    Hot Gun Glue Sticks | Lenght 6.5inch (10 pcs) (Small Sticks for Small Gun)
    Rs. 70.00
    Glue Gun for Crafting | Size (Big)
    Rs. 260.00
    Stickfast Adhesive Glue | 12Pcs
    Rs. 300.00
    Sold Out
    Craft & Fabric Glue
    Rs. 43.00
    Craft & Fabric Glue
    Rs. 22.00
    Glue Gun for Crafting | Size (Big)
    Rs. 400.00
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