Beginners guide to jewelry making Business

Have you been wondering how to start your jewellery-making business? Don't worry we got you covered!

There is a great number of opportunities in making and selling jewellery. Starting your own jewellery business can be an intimating but also an incredibly rewarding experience. With a creative lookout, and great visual qualities hold great potential to start a jewellery business, Marking your name in the jewellery industry could be a massive step in your career. According to the stats, the Indian collection of jewellery business segments holds around 1.30 cr each month, whereas a small business owner earns around 3 to 5 lakhs per month, which is now expected to increase by 1%... If you wish to have a piece of the market, now is the great time to step into the market, and then you need a plan!

Starting a jewellery business and running an online store can be tough and daunting, fortunately, we've got 6 steps for you to dive right into it. 


  1. Identify market opportunity: Before you start your business you need to know what kind of customers are keen to buy the products from you. The main aim of this step is to identify your target audience and do research on their demand in the market. To search for such topics you can use tools like Google Trends or can conduct a competitor's analysis.
  1. Focus on your Target audience: Once you identify your targeted audience, get to know your audience better, identify the products which are high in demand and cater for the business, with the products which draw more potential clients. 
  2. Sourcing the product: Start sourcing your products through a manufacturer or a wholesaler in bulk to initiate the process. check the quality of the product, ask for samples first, and select a manufacturer with a convenient location. We at satra traders provide such jewellery raw material at reasonable prices { do check our website for more details }
  3. Build your brand: All you have to start with is a brand story, create a story which allows the buyer to connect with your brand on an emotional level. A brand allows you to build affinity with your targeted audience, so they fall in love with your brand its mission, vision and mainly products.
  4. Set up your online presence: To begin with creating your website, start uploading pictures of your products with their price and other details, then create social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Run Facebook ads this could be a good start to target your audience. Experiment with e-commerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart and eBay. later you can focus on email marketing and other marketing strategies. 
  5. Smooth launch with sleek opportunities: give your business a soft launch, once you set up your online presence and ready-to-go product you can now put your brand plan into action and showcase your strategies in the market. Once you know your business is growing and you are gaining profit, look for investment opportunities to make sure you have a whole business plan ready. 


The steps above will give you the guidance that you need to start your jewellery-making business. Just remember that it will require time and effort to ensure get the right results.

We at satra traders are willing to help you to get your jewellery-making business started and provide you with good quality raw materials.