Fimo Beads

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    Flat Fimo beads are polymer clay, they are soft and will not fade. Using these Fimo bead you can make jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. You can match different styles according to different colors, DIY a unique gift for you or for your friends. These fimo beads are most popular among kids for the funky element that they add to their look, can be used to create kids jewellery by connecting fun charms to it. Available in different designs such as flowers, kitty, avocado, candy, star, fruits, hearts, and butterflies.

    34 products
    Multicolour Fimo Beads | 4mm | 1string
    Rs. 50.00
    Shiny Rainbow Fimo Beads | 6mm | 1string
    Rs. 60.00
    Pink Shade Polymer Clay Fimo Beads | 6mm 40cm 1string
    Sale price Rs. 30.00 Regular price Rs. 50.00 Save Rs. 20
    Orange Polymer Clay Fimo Beads | 1 String 40 PCS
    Sale price Rs. 60.00 Regular price Rs. 80.00 Save Rs. 20
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