Guide to jewellery findings

Jewellery making is adorned over centuries by humans. It's the oldest form of archaeological artefacts, though jewellery making wasn't established until Egyptians in 3,000 bc started using gold instead of metal. 

Since then a lot has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. Whether you call it jewellery in UK or jewelry in the states, these accessories speak your statement, and style, and demonstrate status.

Forget items cranked into the factory, there is a different kind of satisfaction in making your jewellery. Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that tell your story. Come join us in this beginner's guide to unravel the basics of jewellery making.

Jewellery-making tools.

We all had our 1st jewellery-making experience in elementary school by making clay jewellery for our dolls or weaving friendship bracelets. but tables do turn now making jewellery is more than a craft its an art which requires specific tools and techniques, including tasks like folding, cutting, attaching, and bending. in the beginning, all you need is basic tools such as wire cutters, pliers, and round nose pliers. To get some senes of what jewellery tools seem like take a look at our youtube channel {satra traders}.

Where Techniques Meet Technology  

When talking about techniques we also consider a big hand of technology in the process, which includes laser cutting and 3D printing these are the major tools to enhance your quality. laser cutting gives you the freedom to obtain any desired shapes or custom engraved parts, talking about 3D printing provides a more complex and interesting form to the design. 3D printing -machines take information from digital files and create solid parts either by depositing material or joining materials together. These are quite different from the traditional methods of manufacturing. where else in techniques like jewellery knotting, jewellery stringing play an important part. In jewellery, knotting beadwork is mostly done .. knotting correctly helps make the beadwork last longer and does not let the strands unravel. jewellery stringing is used for stitches, knots, ropes, leather, surgeon's knot, bead strings, beads, caps, earring hooks, bezel, headpins, links, cones etc...

Material Supplies 

If you are starting and want to build your supply do shop from us at satra traders, we provide all kinds of raw materials and decor items at affordable prices with good quality.

Get most of the basic supplies like 

wires elastic ones, nylon wires used for earrings, bracelets, and hooking up your charms.

jump rings are mostly used to attach the ends of the bracelet or chains. They come in different sizes and colours.

Chains would be a good investment in acrylic, aluminium etc

other materials like Resins, wood, metal, leather, stud, dangle, drop, hoops, hooks, studs and tassels.

charms and beads add style and character to the design, giving it a funky look.

let's make the jewellery-making process functional, aesthetically pleasing and professional looking so that you can not only confidently sell it to make a profit or use it promotionally but also proudly wear it yourself or happily give it to your friends and family. Create your vanity , keep adding different elements to your box and keep exploring your creativity.