Tips to Take Care of your Jewellery

Jewellery is often an asset and for many people, has a great sentimental value attached to the pieces. Therefore, it is important to take care of your jewellery to make sure they look their best, whether you are trying to clean a diamond engagement ring, a cherished pearl necklace or a gold bracelet, follow our tips and take care of your jewellery with confidence.

  1. Keep your jewellery dry and away from skincare bathe and apply your lotions and skincare before you put on your jewellery. Gemstones like pearl and opal are particularly vulnerable when they come in contact with acids, as skincare contains acids or mineral oil. Never wear silver jewellery if you are going swimming, as swimming water contains chlorine.
  2. Put your pieces on rotation, jewellery isn't meant to be more 24/7, give it a break and wear sunscreen or oil to let your skin breathe. 
  3. Create separate storage for your jewellery over time your jewellery comes in contact with moisture and air which leads to tarnishing. Put it in a ziplock bag and squeeze all the air out before sealing. Ideally, store rings and necklaces in a soft-lined box or case. so that your favourite pieces won't get tangled, rub or scratched. When storing, keep it away from sunlight as sunlight leaves harsh UV rays and excessive heat.
  4. Store your silver jewellery with chalk as chalk absorbs moisture or if you find that dusty, invest in dehumidifiers or Silica packs. To remove stubborn tarnished silver jewellery mix vinegar and water in equal amounts, then soak the jewellery in the mixture for 5 minutes. 
  5. For custom jewellery, try applying a thin layer of clear nail polish on any part of the jewellery, to make it tarnish-free. It enlarges the lifespan of the jewellery.
  6. Gold scratches easily, so keep them in individual soft cloth bags or the original boxes they come in. Keep gold and silver jewellery separately, gold is a soft metal that is susceptible to scratching. Remember the fact that during the cleaning and drying process be as gentle as you can. 
  7. The cleaning process can be a hassle-free job. Add a few drops of washing-up liquid in lukewarm water, and soak the jewellery for ten minutes to loosen up any built-up dirt. Rinse thoroughly in water to remove any soap residue. Gently wipe it.
  8. Working with pearls, other porous stones or gemstones use a small makeup brush, dipped in shampoo and water to clean. Use a moist cloth to wipe the pearl. Make sure to avoid hard and stiff brushes. Use a soft-bristled brush such as a toothbrush. 

A care kit designed exclusively for jewellery is a safe option, but make sure any solution is intended for the correct method to be used. We hope you find these tips helpful, for more jewellery related content please check out our social media platforms and do visit our website (