Summer Ready !!!

Getting Ready for Summer Season has a different look and feel, than a typical day in the city. Let's face it going out for a vacation or a small road trip to your favorite tropical location is a perfect excuse to dress all cute, fashion worthy, a cotton candy pink caftan, a statement sleek bag, or sheer designer heels. It's also the best time for you to get into your rejuvenation phase. There is plenty of brands in presence that not only depend on dressing all fabulous but also on vacation wear.


But the easiest way to get that holiday look is via jewelry, which will instantly make you feel like paradise. Summer is a playful season, a time to experiment with a different style. Let's dive right into some summer must-have jewelry.

1) Chokers are the must-have, a choker necklace is the easiest yet most appealing essential you can have on your vanity. It will give a subtle yet effortless look, it will highlight your collar bones, so pair it with -a shoulder dress or top to get that summer fashion.


2) Bracelets might be the best companion you can have for your bare hands, ditch the watch this summer season, or those chunky bangles. Fill your beautiful wrist with a delicate and colorful bracelet. Pick a diamond or topaz-based bracelet.


3) Hoops earrings signify boldness and strength. They are one of the oldest yet most trendy fashion accessories you can find, a staple in many cultures mostly in the African continent.


4) Statement Earring is a cool way to draw attention to your face, they can define your face. Statement earrings go well with any black dress, so if you are in the mood to party this summer season then statement earrings are your best friend.


5) Pendants are stapled for every women's wardrobe. They never go out of fashion, an add-on sparkle and femininity to your look. A perfect way to dazzle up your outfit whether it's a meeting, a sociated brunch, or a party that you have to attend.


6) Rose gold jewelry made a huge comeback, it has become a popular choice for spring and summer jewelry. It's quirky yet friendly to most of the outfits in the wardrobe, it conveys luxury without being too hard on your pocket.